About Us

Why Nuts?

Hi guys, my name is Nathaniel, but everyone calls me Nat. I am the owner and founder of Nat's Nuts. The idea to sell roasted nuts came from my unhealthy obsession with cinnamon roasted nuts and as a joke from my name, hence Nat's Nuts.

More About the Nuts

The Origin

I started Nat's Nuts as a fundraiser for a mission trip to Guatemala with Fuego Coffee Roasters and the Roberts Wesleyan College Enactus team. We went to Huehuetenango, Guatemala to open a coffee house and roaster that would employ Guatemalan orphans and young mothers. Check out more information on that by clicking below.

Story International

More About Nat

I graduated college with a degree in Business Administration from Roberts Wesleyan in May 2017. I currently manage Nat's Nuts, take care of my puppy, and take cool pictures of stuff with my way too expensive drone. Follow me on Instagram at nathaniel_harrington!